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Our bespoke space with height adjustable workstations is designed for classes of up to 30 pupils. Our Chef Educators are trained to teach children aged 5-14 a full cookery education according to the National Curriculum through half or full-day courses click here for details:

Our cookery curriculum is divided by Key Stage group and covers a full range of basic cookery skills, from preparing vegetables, making soup and bread, learning about meat, including health and safety, knife skills and knife safety, cooking over fire.


We know that the best way to improve food in schools is to increase skills in school kitchens. We train chefs to transform school kitchens, improving the food, food education and food culture for the whole school community.

We work closely with schools instil a great food culture that puts the kitchen and its chefs at the heart of school life. offer training for chefs who already work in schools, or would like to change career focus to work in a school. If you are a school and would like to find out more information on how to send your chef for training with us, please contact us here.


The Hackney School of Food is at the heart of the community around Mandeville Community School.

We offer a range of courses celebrating our diverse community culture, including cultural cooking classes, family cooking sessions, learning how to grow vegetables, eat well for a fiver session and more.

 We run Cookery Clubs for children during the school holidays, as well as sessions for private groups, such as pizza parties for children’s birthdays. To book a holiday club, party or find out more, contact us.


Our bespoke teaching kitchen is also available for private hire.

We can cater for classes of up to 30 children or 15 adults and the space can be rented for half-day, a whole day or evening use.

Our multi-purpose, bespoke teaching kitchen is the ideal space for team building activities.

Our chefs can lead a range of cookery activities from bread-making to pickling and fermenting, to cooking over fire.

Our combination of moveable work stations and outdoor areas provide groups with opportunities to work collaboratively as well as break out into smaller groups.

The space also allows for communal feasting set up, to enable your team-building day to finish with a long-table dinner to celebrate the achievements of the day.

Contact us to know more…

How Can I help?

By supporting the Hackney School of Food, you’re supporting the school food charity, Chefs in Schools, and investing in food education for the community.

Proceeds from our courses, allow us to do vital and much-needed work in school food. Chefs in Schools works with schools, in areas with high socio-economic deprivation, recruiting skilled chefs and training existing kitchen teams to produce food, made from scratch, that can hold its own in a top restaurant. The charity also delivers food education to teach children the skills they need to make good food at home, for life. From the Hackney School of Food, free community workshops are run which pass these skills onto the local community as well.


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