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Sustainable Cooking & Shopping Workshop 2

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Adults class – LESSON 2

Falafel & Harissa Roast Vegetables (Peppers, Onion & Tomatoes) Pickled Cabbage with Spiced Couscous

As a dedicated food education hub, with a purposely designed teaching kitchen set in the midst of an organic growing garden, the Hackney School of Food is perfectly placed to host cookery workshops that focus on sustainable sourcing and cooking of ingredients in healthy recipes.


Offered to local families we will deliver three 2.5hour workshops, each will teach the basics of important food preparation such as knife skills and other culinary techniques from baking to hob cooking. Entwined throughout the cookery demonstrations we will highlight the key nutritional information for the seasonal recipe and ingredients, coupled with taking a look at both the health and wider environmental benefits of eating a diet based on UK/European seasonality, and the provenance of how and where food is grown, and transported to the consumer using our own productive growing gardens as an example of how it is possible to grow your own food and share some simple windowsill growing projects


We will demonstrate the ease of reducing food waste, from how to prepare ingredients with minimal waste, such as using the leaves and stalks of cauliflower heads, to measuring appropriately sized portions of food. We also will show clever ways of using leftovers to create new dishes to combat one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions in food waste.


As we demonstrate the above techniques over the course of three recipes we will also talk about the benefits of sustainable diets and the affect they have on the body’s health, whilst creating beautifully tasty dishes. From how our bodies access and digest plant-based micro-nutrients and protein sources, to highlighting the many cultural dishes that are intrinsically vegan. We work closely with our main suppliers Natoora, Wild Farmed, Natures Choice etc and can demonstrate the value of excellent produce grown in sustainable, environmentally friendly ways. We will show that cooking whole ingredients, supplemented with good quality sources of nutrition as opposed to highly processed is not only better for our health but for the planet.

This will be achieved by looking at how to read nutritional and ingredient labels on packaging of the recipes created in the lesson – tinned, fresh/frozen ready meals and freeze-dried packets, so that attendees have an understanding of what is inside processed foods

These sessions aim to arm attendees with the knowledge and confidence to sustainably prepare nutritious and delicious vegan meals at home.


08 Sep 2022


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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