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Hackney children star in the celebrity-backed campaign for better school meals

Hackney school children are the stars of a celebrity-backed campaign asking people to ‘give a sausage’ about school food.

School children from Mandeville Primary School on Oswald Road in Lower Clapton appear in a video highlighting the importance of quality meals in school, describing so many schools as “stuck in the turkey dinosaur age’.

School food charity Chefs In School’s campaign kicked off today (September 29) and the video also features Hackney School of Food, which officially opened this month.

Mandeville School is part of the LEAP federation of Hackney schools, which also includes Kingsmead and Gayhurst.

Louise Nichols, executive head of the federation, said: “School food is often overlooked in education as one of the things that help to develop happy, healthy adults. 

Our schools are thriving, academic performance is some of the highest in the country, attendance is great and behaviour is brilliant. I don’t know how much of all that is down to the food; it is hard to quantify, but the boost to the school community’s esteem in so many ways is palpable.” 

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