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HSoF features in Waitrose 600th Magazine!

“Food to inspire a new generation”

“A charity that puts chefs in school kitchens is playing its part in encouraging children to enjoy what they eat at school and at home, writes Anna-Marie Julyan Today, more than one in 10 children arrive
at primary school obese and by the time they start secondary school, it’s one in four. In areas with high socio-economic deprivation, that second number rises to one in three, with children facing malnutrition as well as obesity, according to the National Child Measurement Programme.

Chefs in Schools co-founder Nicole Pisani and head chef Joanna Weinberg know only too well the importance of a school dinner: “It’s so much more than a filler to get a child through the day – in many of our schools, lunch can be the only chance a child gets to
eat” they say.

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