Wild Farmed Video

We are lucky to work with the phenomenal Wildfarmed, who supply all of the flour for our lessons. Wildfarmed flour fixes the planet because they farm differently. By putting soil health first, they grow tasty, highly nutritious food, in a way that heals the planet.

We wanted to capture that ethos and showcase what we can do with food to help the climate emergency, so invited them along to a cookery lesson back in September 2021, in which we baked pizzas using their flour, and then spent the afternoon Farming. Planting wheat in a ‘micro-plot’, following the same methods as on the Wildfarmed fields –  Sowing cover crops alongside the grains in the exact same way, doing it properly. From seed to plate, a new generation of farmers. A new generation of food lovers, of people enjoying the planet.

We love the video encapsulating the energy of our food educators, gardeners, little chefs, and farmers, we hope you do too…


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