“Our children loved their experiences at the Hackney School of Food and we can’t wait to book more visits.

To see them tasting new foods, cooking and eating together was delightful.  The facilities are amazing and it made the children feel like real chefs.”

Abigail, Head Teacher
Nightingale Primary

“We love it! Children are given the opportunity to cook, explore and enjoy food at such a young age.

Chef Tom makes sure the recipes are simple and encourages children to learn basic skills in the kitchen. The children are always immersed in all lessons and work together to make delicious dishes that they take pride in!

The best part is picking fresh ingredients from the gardens and making everything from scratch – a feat parents/carers never believe their child could do!”

Kaltum, Year 2 Teacher

“The children and staff had such a great morning, it was a pleasure to see them thrive, be independent and empowered in the kitchen – especially as they are the younger members of school!

Now I know I can conduct some simple cooking with them in class!”

Molly, Year 1 Teacher

“Whenever I mention the School of Food to my class, there is a rumble of excitement and a sea of smiling faces. The sessions are always well-paced and develop all sorts of skills and experiences with appropriate support and challenge.

Chef Tom has a great rapport with the children and is so knowledgeable! The sessions are creative, fun, engaging, educational and flexible. The children have made quite a wide range of dishes and their understanding of food from around the world is growing all the time. They love it!”

Ellie, Year 6 Teacher

“The children loved the hands-on experience so much and got a thrill out of making their own lunches, and learning more about the tastes of the spices they could use.

The facilities and set-up are incredible and the learning experience the children had throughout the day was fantastic and linked brilliantly to our Cooking and Nutrition D&T program.”

Ally, DT Lead LEAP Federation

“I didn’t like beetroot before, but now I love it!”

Trae, 6

“I can’t believe I am using a sharp knife to chop the vegetables. I’m a real chef!”

David, 8

“I loved learning new skills at the School of Food. My mum tasted my meatballs and couscous and now she lets me help her cook at home.” 

Tahla, 11

“I like going to the School of Food because it makes me feel happy, healthy and calm. We get to cook food and I love cooking!” 

Macey, 9

“I like going to the School of Food because it makes me feel happy, healthy and calm. We get to cook food and I love cooking!” 

Macey, 9

“Lidka showed us a huge pumpkin, and we got to taste its seeds! Then we ate sorrel leaf, it was nice.”


“It was a really fun experience to make something from scratch and then eat it afterwards. I loved it!”

Edit, 8

Team Building / Private Hire

“We did a virtual pizza and salad session with Tom as a team-building exercise during lockdown. 

Tom was fabulous at talking everybody through the recipes and skills required and giving ideas for changes & additions that could be made.”

Sarah, School Food Matters

“Thank you so very much from all of us at the Food Foundation for a really brilliant time today at Hackney School of Food. As a team, we had the opportunity to come together in person, many of us for the first time, and enjoy the cooking, learning and eating together that was so special.

We loved the garden tour as well as the honeycomb explanation and thank you all for your generosity and support.”

Roz, The Food Foundation


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